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Yu Shenjeer

Yu Shenjeer was a leading realistic of the late Tang Dynasty. Her courtesy name was Yowei , and sobriquet, She was one of few female poets during the Tang Dynasty, she was Bisexua' but homosexuality was forbidden during the Tang Dynasty, and made Mayor Chang'an angry with her. Her famous poem is .


She was born in Chang'an, and was a beautiful woman. When she was a young girl that Li Shangyin taught her how to write poetry. Her second poetry teacher was Wen Tingyun , who was also her lover. She was concubine to a rich businessman, but this ended when the man's wife forced him to leave Yu. It even so abandon Yu but rich businessman still loved Yu and supported her. When Wen Tingyun left her in 870 that made Yu second times strike on spirit, it could identified Yu owne Electra complex.

Then Yu formed a relationship with her handmaiden. When Yu discovered her handmaiden had fallen in love with the same man as she had, Yu hung her handmaiden from a tree and beat her to death, then buried her in her garden.

Poem Style

Yu‘s poem style was influenced by Li Shangyin and Wen Tingyun, poem masters in late Tang Dynasty.

Her works date from the time of the only female Emperor in Chinese history, Wu Zetian. Her work depended on poem exam appointed officials, till female Yu Shenjeer was wonderful circle finished in late Tong.


Mayor Chang'an was a warlord. Warlords hate lesbian because they need lots soldiers but lesbians tend not to have as many children as their heterosexual counterparts. He arrest and accused Yu of murder. On the day of her execution, she said :.


In early 1980s a film according to Yu‘s life with Hong Kong.

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